Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby #3 - 16 Weeks

Baby stats: This week the baby is about the size of an avocado (mmm...guacamole). Facial features are starting to move closer to their final positions. Her tiny heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood per day.

Bump picture: New sweater from Old Navy, for some reason both of my kids were quite smitten.

As I mentioned last week I dug out my old maternity clothes bin and was really bummed out by the contents. My mother in law was gracious enough to watch the kids one afternoon last week so I hit up Target and Old Navy for a little style on a budget. I got a few cute sweaters, a new pair of jeans, and a couple of layering pieces that I hope will carry be through this endless winter.

During my first pregnancy my belly button didn't "pop" until very late in my third trimester. When I was pregnant with Ben my belly button became herniated (I delivered both babies via c-section so this was not the result of labor). The end result, a belly button that can be seen from space. It is a little embarrassing, especially since I am not really even that big yet, but there isn't a damn thing I can do about it other than laugh. It could be worse, right?!? Hopefully people will be too busy staring at my rack (now officially a B cup again, btw!) to notice my freaky belly button...or not. *I wrote all of this prior to taking tonight picture so now of course I sound crazy, but trust can see my belly button through the sweater, in this case the camera lies!*

How you doin'?Pretty darn good! This past week was so much better than last week. The weather has been better and I am sure that plays a role. The kids and I were able to play outside for more than 3 minutes several days this week and over the weekend Matt and I took them sledding. I went to the track twice, once with Ben and once by myself. Being able to stay active makes such a huge difference for my psyche. A few years ago when I worked full time I couldn't imagine how exercising could possible result in having more energy. I am now a believer through and through. Running has gotten me through nearly two years of total sleep deprivation and now a mid winter pregnancy. Aside from running we have had a few small snowstorms (3-4in) and I love to shovel.

I have been having more aches and pains throughout this pregnancy, which worries me a little about what is to come. I know I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was having round ligament pain, which really hasn't gone away completely. I have also had several braxton hicks contractions which is totally out of the 'ordinary' for me. Carrying this baby so high is hard on my ribs and my back. If I don't sit up perfectly straight or slightly reclined the muscles (and baby belly) directly under my ribs feel like they are on fire. I'm sure things will change as my body does but for right now I am not super comfortable.

The worrying has also started to subside. I think I really was just totally spun up about the house and letting it leak into all other parts of my subconscious. For better or for worse Matt is handling most of the mortgage prep so I do not have any of that on my plate. For piece of mind I have been checking the baby with the doppler pretty frequently. It is the easiest way to put my mind at ease in a matter of minutes.

Aversions/Cravings: There isn't anything in the world that I would not eat. And with that revelation every single one of my real life friends just laughed out loud. I certainly have a reputation for being a picky eater, but I am so freaking serious, give me all the will eat it.

Sleeping: I actually did sleep really great a few nights this week which was a refreshing change of pace. My dreams have been very strange (of course I can't think of any specifics right this minute) but if you have had 'pregnancy dreams' before than you know what I freaking bizarre. Unfortunately for every good night's sleep there were several other terrible ones. Lily and Ben both had another mini bought of this damn stomach bug so there was at least one night that I got up with Lily in the middle of the night and we both dozed on and off on the bathroom floor.

Movement: Like last week, nothing consistent. On Sunday we went out to lunch as a family and I swear the baby wanted to make sure that I knew she was there too, giving three solid kicks in a row. She was probably just excited to order!

Milestones: Officially in all maternity clothes.

What I am looking forward to: This weekend I am heading to MA with the kids to spend the first part of "February Vacation" with two of my favorite ladies on the planet (not to mention two of the cutest kids I know, no not mine!). I am SO excited to see them, it has been too long. The hotel has a pool and Lily is ridiculously excited. It will be a challenge spending three nights in a hotel room with my non sleepers but it will definitely be worth it.

Worries: The demons have been more quiet recently. I am sure that some quad screen jitters will resurface but hopefully not until after our mini vaca.

Let's compare: 

Feeling pretty good at this point with all three pregnancies. Definitely more aches and pains this time around but nothing a little stretching doesn't help. Also random braxton hicks, weird.

I kind of can't believe the ridiculous appetite. I think about eating all day long, haha.

Definitely using the doppler more than I did with Ben but I am also under a different kind of stress right now than I have even been in, so I am giving myself a pass.

Best moment of the week: Definitely Sunday. Dingle and I took the kids sledding (pics to come) and then went out to lunch. Everyone was happy (you know as happy as temperamental toddlers ever really are) and we had a great day together as our little foursome. Of course it got me thinking about just how much life is about to change once again.


  1. Cute bump! I showed ridiculously early with #3, but in the end it all evened out and I was about the same size with all 3 pregnancies. That's wonderful that you are feeling well and able to run still too. I'm sure that will make a huge difference overall in how you feel as the pregnancy progresses. Are you going to find out if it's a girl or boy?! Any feelings one way or the other?

  2. Love the ON sweater and my belly button popped fairly early with CC, too, so I get the worries over having that third nipple in everyone's faces! ;)

    You look adorable.

  3. I want a report on what those ladies convince you to eat this weekend! Hah. Glad things are going well!

  4. P.S. I used to think you were crazy, I mean, amazing for running under such sleep deprivation. I recently realized when I run late afternoon when I start crashing, I am able to actually get work done the last few hours of the day. So now I think you're less crazy. :-)