Monday, February 24, 2014

Baby #3 -18 Weeks

Baby stats: This week baby weighs about 7oz and is the size of a bell pepper. The baby's gender should be clearly defined anatomically speaking...which is great news considering we have an ultrasound on Wednesday!

Bump picture: I took a shower around 7 right after the kids went to bed, that is a reasonable time to put on jammies right??

The belly button is clearly visible here! Also, how has no one commented on the creepy Santa mug photo bombing each of these pics?? This might just be my last bump photo taken in the guest bedroom at my in laws!

How you doin'?: Since last week's update was so late I don't really have a whole of 'new' to add to this week's post. I am still feeling really good. This week was annoyingly stressful in terms of closing on the new house. The mortgage company is making us jump through a ridiculous number of hoops and Matt and I did a ton of running around that we really shouldn't have had to do. Every single time they asked us for something (a letter stating that Matt has access to my bank accounts for example) we obliged only to be told we needed something else or that the wording was wrong, etc etc. There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be able to close on Friday, but they still "aren't making any promises". Not that any of this pertains to my pregnancy and should really be its own post BUT I am tired and slightly stressed and it is only magnified by the fact that I am also 18 weeks pregnant!

Aversions/Cravings: I fantasize about beer, wine, or champagne at least three times a day. IF we close on Friday I am having a 1/2 glass of champagne to celebrate.

Sleeping: So much better! This is the most noteworthy breakthrough since the end of morning sickness. For the past few days not only have I not woken up in the night to pee but I have also slept soundly for 8 straight hours. I definitely need to go to bed earlier but I certainly can't complain about sleeping 11-7!

Movement: Becoming more consistent. I get frustrated when I want to feel the baby and the movements aren't yet 'on demand', but I would say I feel her at least a dozen times a day! It is surprisingly low still, but for all I know it was the same with all of my babies. Lord knows I certainly don't remember and if it is written down, I don't know where. When I listen to the baby on the doppler I can hear the disturbance when she kicks, which happens a lot, so I know she is active!

Milestones: Hmmm...nothing this past week that I can think of.

What I am looking forward to: Wednesday of course. My heart will be so much lighter once I have confirmation that this little bean is healthy! Sleeping in our new house on Saturday night if all goes smoothly, OMG!

Worries: I will not beat a dead horse, I will not beat a dead horse. I am a little nervous about the quad screen results ;)

Let's compare: 

I will definitely have more to write here next week! As of now we are not finding out the gender which we did with both Lily and Ben.

The hunger is becoming more manageable which I think was around this same time with Ben too. Hopefully the weight gain on Wednesday won't give me a heart attack but even if it does I suspect it will all even out. I gained roughly 25 lbs with each of my other babies so I would like to set that as my goal but if I go over, I go over.

Best moment of the week: As I mentioned before the kids are totally in to the belly which has now evolved into a fascination with their own bellies (which Ben calls his baby half the time). Every night at bed time they run around the house for a few minutes in just their diapers rubbing their bellies and laughing hysterically about the "baby". Tonight Ben thought it would be funny to kiss Lily's "baby" and the two of them were laughing so hard Lily could hardly breathe. They kill me.


  1. LOL at Santa!! God, that bump is cute. Big week for you guys! Drink up ;)

  2. Hope the closing happened yesterday, that you had some sips of bubbly, and are currently moving into your dream home! The kids running around with their own baby bellies sounds adorable.