Friday, December 10, 2010

Officially a "mommy blogger": ewww...

Hello there!

Recently I have been reading a few blogs on a regular basis.  Most of the blogs I read are written by total strangers and are referred to as "mommy blogs", believe me I think they hate that title as much as I do.  That being said that IS what they are; blogs written by moms about their children and their day to day life.  While that may sound painfully boring to some of you, reading these blogs has really helped me to feel less isolated as a SAHM...isn't that a fundamental part of being human, seeking connection?  Anyway, I read these blogs and they are funny and I can totally relate and there you have it, a blogger is born!


On a family walk, minus the kitties...
if only they would wear their harnesses,
oh the fun we could have!
So who exactly is this blog about?  Our family consists of a mom (that one is me), a dad (my charming husband, Matt), and a baby (she is called Lily).  We live in a lovely home near the ocean with our dog Colby and our two cats, Shark and Blackbeary.  The kitties, who are referred to as "the babies" have been with us since they were 6 weeks old, they are brother and sister and have never been apart from one another, ever!  We adopted Colby in March of 2009, I tried to pick the runt of the litter...Colby is 75lbs of pure Golder Retriever.  He and I have some issues, but we are working through them.  I love you Colby, I do...I think...just kidding I totally do... just stay over there :)

The real star of the show is Lily.  Born April 3rd 2010 via unplanned c-section.  (Notice use of the term unplanned as opposed to "emergency"...let's lay off the panic button people.)  Our little bundle of joy is just that.  What's that, you want to hear a cliche?  Ok, here goes!  Having a baby changes everything.  There it is.  Welcome to my blog about how having a baby has changed everything, make yourself at home!

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