Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby Crazy!?!

When it comes to us having another baby I have found that people are of the following camps:

"What the heck is a baby" Camp - Most of the people attending this camp are friends or family who can't imagine having one baby, let alone more than one! Sure, they think Lily is cute and they don't even seem to mind that we have to bring her to dinner but they probably couldn't care less if we have more babies. 

"HAVE MORE BABIES RIGHT THIS MINUTE" Camp - OMG please stop yelling campers! Not surprisingly these campers love children, some even have a few of their own.  Ultimately what unites these happy campers is the ability to hand Lily off and send us home (oddly enough this often coincides with blood curdling screams and smells normally associated with a landfill). I can say with 100% certainty that these campers do not mind in the least that I will have to be pregnant all over again in order to fill their order. 

"Can you imagine being pregnant again right now, bahahaha!" Camp - Ha. ha ha. ha ha ha. These campers just can't stop laughing (and sometimes crying) at the thought of having another baby right now.  They jump and shout in astounding unison..."you guys are nuts".  

I made the mistake of saying that we are using the Michele Duggar style of family planning to some friends recently.  Actually a few of the people there were just meeting me and the look on their faces was priceless! No, this does not at all mean that Matt and I want 20 children! I just meant that we are leaving it up to God and biology as to when we have our next baby.  Lily has been such an easy baby.  She sleeps (A LOT), she eats (anything), she plays (sometimes by herself)! What's more, I had a great pregnancy. Yes, we had a scare that I would never wish on anyone. In the end Lily was born healthy and the memory of what Matt and I call "the worst day of our lives" is becoming increasingly distant. I can say without feeling guilty (because this is my blog after all) that I loved being pregnant and thought overall... it was easy.  I don't even have a good labor horror story! Talk about boring.  All that being said my heart really does go out to women who have horror stories, especially those that involve copious amount of vomiting.  I really HATE throwing up and I am grateful that I don't pee when I sneeze.  If I have any reservations at all they are the result of the tiny pessimist inside me that says "You can't be so lucky a second time, it is mathematically impossible". 

Stupid tiny pessimist, why are you so negative?? 

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  1. I feel like there may be a fourth camp, which you describe but don't title. I believe you are actually in this camp...the 'whenever it happens it happens' camp. Its the camp where you are super excited if you get preggo, but not disappointed if you don't. I am most definitely in the 'can you imagine being pregnant right now camp.". Copious amounts of vomiting will do that to you. Be grateful and fingers crossed that lightening does strike twice for you, cause Lily is amazing.