Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trying to control myself

Three months ago we said things like:

"Please, don't go overboard."
"She is just a baby."
"There is a three gift limit!"

Two months ago we said things like:

"She doesn't need a whole bunch of stuff."
"She could use some clothes, I guess..."
"We're not getting her anything...ok maybe one thing."

Last month we said:

"Did you see those cute things over there!"
"Oh, look at page 3...hmmm"
"She would LOVE that!"

Today I had to go to babiesrus.  No I really did, I had a coupon for a FREE case of diapers (that I earned by buying 9 previous cases of diapers of course) and it was going to expire tomorrow.  We're talking about $41.99 people!  So I put Lily down for a nap and headed out to buy nothing*.  Get my diapers and come home!  I spent an hour in the store.  I found myself saying over and over, "Lily doesn't need this!"  But oh how I wanted her to have it!

I settled on three small toys.  Can you guess which one I am most ashamed of??

Fisher-Price Friendly Pink Flip Phone -  Fisher-Price - Toys"R"UsBright Starts License to Drool Keys - Pink - Bright Starts  - Babies"R"UsBright Starts Flutter Links - Bright Starts  - Babies"R"Us
*Matt had a good laugh at this statement after I posted this entry.  Did I forget to mention that Matt was home when Lily went down for her nap??  Please do not call social services.  I did not kiss my baby goodbye and leave her home alone :) 

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