Saturday, December 11, 2010

A story involving a cart corral, oh boy!

This happened a few weeks ago but I still can't let it go...

I took Lily out to do some Christmas shopping.  It was a Thursday and a RIDICULOUS number of people were out and about.  It wasn't just moms and old people either, why more of these people were not at work I have no idea.  Anyway, the parking lot at the store was packed and I had to circle around a few times to get a space.  The space I did get was to the right of a cart corral.  I parked pretty close to it so that I would have room on the other side of the car to get Lily out.  I unloaded Lily (in her infant car seat) into a cart and off we went to shop!

We came out of the store to find some donkey had parked their car next to us at such a ridiculous angle that I couldn't open the back door of our car wide enough to put Lily's car sear back in the car!  Seriously, the angle of the car in the space was just stupid. They had left about 4 feet between our vehicles at the nose and about 4 inches at the trunk. Yes, I was angry but even more than anger what I felt was helplessness.  I hadn't left enough room on the driver's side for her car seat.  It was cold out and there were still a million cars circling the lot.  So there I am by myself with a cart full of stuff and my baby I can't get back into the car!  Inevitably a car pulled up to us and put its blinker on to indicate that he (yes it was a man...i'm not sure why this bothered me) was going to claim our spot.

Admittedly, I was panicking a little bit.  I had a ton of stuff in the back so climbing in through the trunk was not really an option. It's not like I could get in my car and back out with Lily sitting in the shopping cart parked in the cart corral.  A woman was arrested a few years ago for leaving her sleeping daughter in the car while she put money in the salvation army bucket for crying out loud! (    And there was no way I was going to ask a stranger to babysit. I was seriously considering asking a passerby to move my car for me...AND THEN THE GUY WAITING FOR OUR SPOT BEEPED AND DID A "MOVE IT ALONG" HAND GESTURE!!  I think for a split second the anger I felt would have given me the strength to lift the first donkey's car and throw it through the windshield of this second donkey's car!  I can see the headline now: "Crazed woman in parking lot finds strength of 10 Grinches, plus TWO..."

I waved the driver off and as he passed he gave me the finger. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Second donkey if you are reading this, you acted like a real jerk and I hope Santa brings you dog poop for Christmas.

In the end I channeled my anger into dragging the cart corral away from my car and put Lily in through driver's side, which was no easy task but I got it done.  The entire event lasted all of 10 minutes but I hated every second of it.  I'm not really sure what the moral of this story is but I already feel less angry and even laughed a few times at my own jokes.  HA.  Okay, I have officially let it go...

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