Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today I am 35 weeks pregnant and have 35 days until my due date, pretty cool milestone eh?

Overall I am feeling pretty great. I have gained just over 20lbs and can't get enough of my OB telling me I am "all baby". I start my weekly appointments this week, which can only mean one thing. I am going to have to give birth to this baby! Cue minor panic attack.

I remember coming to this realization when I was pregnant with Lily too. It may sound funny to someone who has never been pregnant, of course I am going to have to give birth to the baby, duh! But I am sure that my mommy readers are shaking their heads right now, remembering the moment when they realized labor/delivery is inescapable. This next part is going to sound horrible, and maybe it is horrible, but it is the truth. To cope with the fear of giving birth when I was pregnant with Lily I comforted myself by thinking, "If ------ did it, then I can definitely do it." Are you now wondering if you are ------?!? Don't worry, you're not, she doesn't read my blog. It was nothing against her, I just couldn't picture her being "tough". In my head I was going to be a champion of labor! What I have learned since is that labor is a total crap shoot, and it is totally out of my control. Complications arise, hormones and instinct run high, nurses can make all the difference. Some of my absolute "toughest" girl friends have horrific labor stories while other friends and coworkers (including -----) make labor and delivery sound like a freakin' walk on the beach. I remember reading (last time around of course, I haven't done any pregnancy related reading this time, oops) that there is no medal or trophy awarded to mothers after they give birth.  All anyone cares about is that they have a healthy baby to take home. Amen. This time around I am not bringing any expectations with me to the hospital.  The unknown of it all is sort of exciting.

It is almost laughable how little Dingle and I have done to prepare for bringing this little boy home. Good thing newborns don't actually need very much! If all I take with me to the hospital is nipple cream and blankie I will be a happy camper. Where is the car seat, swing, and pack-n-play? In the basement...somewhere. No thanks to me, he does have clothes that do not have pink bunnies on them, but nothing special to come home from the hospital in. We realized yesterday that there is not a single newborn diaper in the house! I have officially started a list and set a deadline for getting things done (April 11th).

I do have a very small registry set up on Amazon, mostly because they give you a 10% off completion coupon. Aside from the double stroller (which for now we are holding off on) there are no big ticket items. Mostly it is new pump/feeding supplies and a few new blankets and sheets. Here is the link if you are interested:

All in all this has been a very uneventful pregnancy. Unlike last time, my blood work and screenings all came back normal, ultrasounds and measurements have been great, and symptoms have been almost non-existent. I have been having killer heartburn for several weeks, but I had it will Lily and was not especially surprised it returned. I slept a lot better and much more comfortably last time around, but I was also working full time and may have just been too exhausted to toss and turn.

With 5 weeks to go I consider myself a very lucky and happy pregnant lady!


  1. well, i think i might know who ---- is but i'm not saying, i sure as heck know it isn't me. I have never tried to squeeze a watermelon out of a dime sized hole. so glad to hear your reality is coming around. ha, ha, ha. can't believe the next time i see you guys you'll be a party of 4.

  2. P.S. I just looked at your Bump Watch and you ARE all belly?!