Saturday, March 31, 2012

In anticipation of her birthday party...!

Lily has only ever been to a few birthday parties, so who know what she thinks is happening later on today.

I took this video on Thursday, yes she is still in her (Christmas) jammies, and yes that is what her hair really looks like in the back! I would like to save any hurt feelings and point out that Lily and I have been talking about her birthday party for a week. She asks me to list attendees on a hourly basis. If you didn't get a shout out it isn't because she doesn't want you here, more likely I have just already told her you will not be able to come.

The video is pretty precious if you ask me!


  1. Precious, indeed! Happy birthday party to Lily. I hope you have enough cookies!

  2. Happy Birthday to Lily! I hope she had all those cookies, chocolate and cake she deserved. So sorry to have missed it all.