Saturday, March 17, 2012

The world's most perfect big girl bed!

I can tell you exactly why I failed to update the blog for the past three weeks.  I have spent every waking free second I have had researching and hunting down the world's most perfect big girl bed!! When I get my mind set on something there is no derailing me. At one point during my search I had 57 tabs open on my computer (yes I counted). There has to be a more efficient way to organize internet searches, but I sort of like my system., even if it does say something about my type A personality.

I knew I wanted a twin bed as opposed to a toddler bed. As a matter of fact, I would like to meet the person who invented the "convertible crib" and kick him/her in the shin. Ok, that may be a little harsh. Not to mention it isn't really the inventors fault their design was so popular at the time of our crib purchase. Maybe there is a sales person I should be kicking, hmmm. Anyway, the reason I regret the convertible crib we chose is because while the bed does convert to a toddler bed as advertised, the weight restrictions on the bed are the same as when you are in "crib mode". In our case 75lbs. I had always envisioned snuggling in bed with my little ones reading books before bed. Sitting on the floor next to the toddler bed is simply an unacceptable substitution. My kids are only going to be this little and cute once.

The plan for right now is to stay in this house a little longer and try and wait out the market. Unless we are willing to take a loss on the house, it is really our only option. With that being the case, we would like to keep the guest room just that, so that our lovely family and friends can continue to enjoy the lavish accommodation we have established for them. (Clearly I am being facetious, the room is quite simple, but we have had many compliments on the mattress!) In a three bedroom house it doesn't take long to figure out that means our kids will be sharing a room...eventually. Baby boy will be in our room for the first few months and after that we may opt to put the crib in the guest room until everyone is sleeping soundly through the night. In any scenario I decided that it would be Lily who would get a new bed. Matt definitely had/has his doubts that she is ready to move from the crib. I am just hoping that if we strike now, while the iron is so gosh darn agreeable, she will transition like a pro.

So anyway, back to the big girl bed I chose and the only thing that people really care about, pictures. After no less than 40 hours of research I had narrowed our choices to these three beds.

The first bed got decent reviews online but was sold out almost everywhere. I was struggling with the sticker shock of the whole bed buying experience when I first came across it so I put it on my wishlist and kept looking. The second bed got great reviews but was slightly more than the first bed. The third bed is actually four separate pieces, a loft, a bookcase, and two three drawer dressers. This would have been the biggest investment by far, but just look at all of that storage! Matt was convinced that Lily was going to swan drive off of the loft and break a bone. We even went to a local furniture store to see that one in person just to get a feel for how high it was. Lily scurried up the ladder like a champ but Matt wasn't completely sold. After three weeks of looking I was starting to get frustrated and just wanted one of them to go on a "I can't possibly pass this up" sale. Finally last Monday night it happened. I found a 15% off coupon code for the middle bed with free shipping and no sales tax!! 

The bed actually arrived before I had a chance to get the bedding (which is now en route and I am super excited!)    Last night Lily was amazing. We all went up and cuddled into her big girl bed and read books (which was everything I dreamed it would be) and when we were finished we showered her with praise, reminded her of the rules, gave hugs and kisses and left. She looked very small and I cried a little, but after 7:20 we never heard another peep and all was right with the world. Around 7:45 this morning she started calling for her dad to come and get her (have I mentioned how much I LOVE this kid!) and he found her exactly where she should be, sitting up proudly in the middle of the her stuffed animal army.

How about a few pictures?!

Celebrating the delivery of her BIG GIRL BED!!
(said like Oprah announcing that everyone is getting a new car!)
All set up! Daddy did a great job maneuvering it up the stairs. 
All snuggled in, happy and smiling :)
A little less sure as we backed away but happy to have company. 
She is in there somewhere! 
I will take a few more pictures once the bedding has arrived and we are finished shuffling the furniture around but these will have to do for now. Hopefully night two goes just as smoothly!

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