Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby #3 - 14 Weeks!

Hello second trimester!

Baby stats: This week the baby is about the size of a lemon. She has facial reflexes now and can blink and scrunch her nose. At this point she may also begin to suck her thumb.

Bump picture. I picked up my real camera finally so the quality is better but I can't say the same for the set up. I might have to more seriously consider the grocery store bathroom.

At my appointment this past Wednesday they said that I am up 6 lbs from my initial weight, which honestly feels about right...and it is all in my midsection. I am carrying very round and very high so far.

How you doin'?: This was not an easy week so honestly I am feeling drained, but I don't think much of it has to do with this pregnancy. The kids have been sick now for what feels like forever and this past weekend Matt also succumbed to Ben's stomach bug for real. It is hard living at my in laws because there really isn't space for us to spread out. Having two sick kids and one sick husband only magnified the close quarters. I work hard to keep the house clean and keep our presence in the common spaces under control but I will admit after this week, I am fed up. I know I shouldn't complain because through it all I was feeling better than all of them combined.  Lets just say I am grateful that everyone seems to be feeling a whole lot better today. I will be going to be early tonight!

Aside from being surrounded by whiny, clingy, demanding tyrants, I had a good week. As I mentioned the other day, my appointment went great. Baby looks perfect and all of my stats are right where they should be. I will be curious to see if my iron rises over the next four weeks. The OB was pleased to hear that I was eating again and that some of my energy was returning. Little did I know at the time that I would pay for my afternoon off for the next four consecutive days/nights.

Hormones are still a nightmare. I know that in part my completely over emotional response to almost every situation is due to fatigue, but holy wow. I am way more moody/emotional than I was with either of my other pregnancies at this point. I also know that we are all going through a lot right now with the move and living at Matt's parents, not to mention Matt staying over in the city two nights per week, and that it would be normal for not pregnant April to be frazzled. Let's just say that I have had to (on more than one occasion) remind myself that Lily and Ben are just little kids being kids and that they are not actually plotting to have me committed.

In other news, I am taking Ben to an indoor walking track tomorrow to see when their "stroller" hours are and if I think taking him there is a reasonable activity. I am excited to get moving!

Aversions/Cravings: About the same as last week. I am hungry pretty much all the time and can only hope that by spreading out my meals and snacks throughout the day that (A) I continue to be a person that others can tolerate being around and (B) do not gain 60 lbs.

I still really don't like potato, although I have found that french fries are sort of ok again!

I crave extremes, spicy and sour to be more precise. I would literally get both of my sleeping children up out of bed, put them in the car, and drive to a nearby sandwich place for a sour pickle right now if I was 100% certain they would have them at this time of night. Where is my husband when I really need him?!? (He is in the city tonight)

Sleeping: I sleep terribly, every night. I really hope that this isn't just how it is going to be for the rest of my life, but some days (like right now when I am tired) it sure does feel that way.

Movement: Matt thinks I am crazy but I swear over the weekend I felt tiny baby taps. 14 weeks would be earlier than either of my other two but now I know what it feels like, so it makes sense that I would notice it sooner, right? In any case, nothing definite but definitely maybe.

Milestones: Officially into my second trimester. Saw the baby on the big screen on Wednesday.

What I am looking forward to: Getting into our new house. Now that I know we will be staying in our hometown I need to start to settle in. No more living like we might be moving 30 minutes away. Time to get connected, make some friends, and get into a new routine! We have the home inspection on Friday and I absolutely can not wait to get back into the house, take a million pictures, and start planning the move!

Worries: I am a little worried that all of the stress and emotional turmoil isn't good for the baby. I don't want her to come into the world all high strung thinking that I am miserable person. I know that rationally stress is much more dangerous to me, but I would rather have endorphins flowing through her little body than all of this bad stuff I have been feeling this week.

I apologize if the tone of this entire post has left you feeling blah. I hate being such a downer and when I sat down to write out my weekly summary I had no idea I was feeling sort of low. I am totally going to chalk it up to being tired and feeling like we didn't really get a weekend since everyone was sick. I am sure that after a few days of "normal" sleep for the kids I will be all sunshine and rainbows again!

Let's compare: 

At my 12/13 week appointment with both Lily and Ben I had gained 2 pounds total, this time it is 6. Yikes! I also started off 15lbs heavier with Lily and 10lbs heavier with Ben.

With Lily by 14 weeks I was feeling great, school had just started, I was definitely not showing. This time I am much more tired and look like I am smuggling a small melon out of the grocery store.

Never have there been mood swings like this before!

With Ben I had terrible headaches, every day, all day. So far I have only had sinus headaches related to fighting a cold. Could not be more grateful for this one!

Best moment of the week: Definitely seeing the baby on Wednesday. I just laid there watching for 15 minutes...trying to soak it all in and really appreciate this pregnancy for the miracle that it is.

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  1. Your belly is adorbs---and I've gained 6 pounds, too, but felt like it could easily be 16 at this point. You look great and hope you all get well and get some rest soon!! SO important.