Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Best moment of the week!

Yesterday was a not a fun day. I was very much looking forward to an extra day with Daddy home so that we could go out to lunch or some other special treat. Instead Ben threw up his breakfast all down the front of my pajamas, his pajamas, both of our blankies, the bedroom rug, the hallway floor and the bathroom shower. Of course it happened in the blink of an eye, baby throw up...I'm telling you, it will catch you off guard. He has never had a throw up type bug before so I am still learning his "tells". Unfortunately his only tell yesterday was wanting to be held, not much of a tell for those of you who know my son. So instead of a carefree fun day we had a code red sick day. On such days my children are confined to a sheet or blanket and only allowed teeny sips of water and dry toast. Lily is usually pretty agreeable to being treated like a prisoner of war, Ben was less than thrilled. It was a long day.

Around dinner time we decided that since it had been a few hours since last up chuck, it was probably safe to open the bedroom door and let Ben roam the house. Matt went out to pick up dinner and Lily and I snuggled on the bed watching TV. Neither of my kids wanted to eat a formal meal so when Matt got home I didn't even go out to the kitchen to see what he was up to. I just figured there wasn't any real rush on getting dinner on the table. After a few minutes Matt made his way back to the bedroom and he was shaking his head as he walked through the door. I looked at him and feared the worst, that Ben had thrown up on the living room rug or worse yet that Matt was feeling sick.

He told me he had just gotten off the phone with SS and my heart sank. Then he said four amazing words...





Holy crap you guys! I immediately asked him to repeat himself and threatened him that if he was joking I was going to be furious. No joke, they accepted our offer. No counter, no back and forth, no added conditions.

Of course now you will all be subjected to countless posts about the details of our new house, the home inspection, closing, the move, and of course all of the little projects I have in mind. For tonight I will simply treat you to the pictures!


  1. Gorgeous! My second favorite part of the post is that Ben threw up on both your blankies, not because he threw up, but because I love that your blankies is always around too.

  2. Whoo hoo!! QUITE the weekly moment, indeed. Congrats girl. House looks freaking amazing and very cabin/resort/I want to move to Colorado-ish ;) (I've never been to Maine but I'm guessing this house fits in there like it would in CO).

    So amazing!!

  3. I love it and couldn't be happier!!

  4. I wondered if that was it. Congrats! Hope Ben is feeling better.

  5. Most. Gorgeous. House. Ever.
    Expect a lot of visits from Aunt Becky in your rustic-woodsy-Mainey new house!