Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dream House Update

This past Wednesday we met with our realtor (who going forth I will nickname SS) and a pool contractor at a new construction property to discuss the possibilities of putting in a swimming pool. While we were there I jumped around like an excited puppy and talked his face off causally made polite conversation about our dream house and how excited we were that it had been re-listed. I made it very clear that we wanted a showing as soon as possible.

As is usually the case we hadn't heard from SS on Friday evening even though we were fairly certain that we were doing showings on Saturday morning. Neither Matt nor I were particularly concerned, we have both been very laid back about the whole house hunting scene. Finally around 7pm on Friday he texted us with the address of the first place we were viewing and said we could discuss the full schedule in the morning. At no point did Matt and I assume that we were not seeing the dream house. 

We drove the kids over to my parents' early on Saturday morning and set off to meet up with SS. The first house we saw was beyond beautiful...and well out of our price range. It was perfect minus the hefty price tag. During the showing SS let us know that we would not be seeing the dream house. He had called the day before to set up a showing and the house was booked solid, no open appointments, for the whole day. My heart sank into my stomach and it was all I could do to not cry, thank you pregnancy hormones. I sort of walked around the house like a zombie fighting back tears as I thought about how certain I was that we are not going to get the dream house. 

In reality I am/was just angry with myself for falling in love with a house sight unseen and foolishly thinking that if we wanted it we could just make and offer and have it. The market here has been so slow and the house had been listed before with no luck. The owners hired a new realty company and clearly they had a strategy in mind. SS suspects, as do we, that they listed the house well under the appraised value in an attempt to draw in several interested parties, start a bidding war, and make a quick sell. 

SS was able to get us a showing today so at 11am I walked through the door of what truly is the house of my dreams. It is a log home with stunning 40 foot ceilings in the great room, a very nice open kitchen, wood stove, fireplace (that also has a opening in the master bedroom, crazy), four bedroom, a great loft for the kids to play, and a huge private yard. The interior is definitely a very particular style, but it is our style. This home is a forever house if ever there was one. There are a ton of little projects that I would love to do but nothing major or beyond our abilities. 

Long story short we braced ourselves for SS to tell us that the sellers had 6 offers or something equally ridiculous. So far, they only have one other offer on the table and tonight we officially threw our hat into the ring. We made the sellers a full price offer in hopes that at the very least they will counter us if the other offer is better. I know that SS doubts that our offer will be good enough, but at the same time with only one other competing offer it seemed rash of us to offer well over asking on the blind. The sellers are out of town and have asked that offers be good for 72 hours (24 is typical) so it could be several days before we hear anything. Waiting is always the worst part! 

I don't normally ask for things when I pray (other than for protection and health for my family) but today I made an exception and selfishly asked God to help us get this house. For the time being all we can do is wait and try not to obsess over the things that are out of control. I am really excited that today we may have made an offer on our future home without holding back. I've said it before, but it bears repeating, I am not going to be any less disappointed if the deal falls through if I try and keep from being excited. 

I'll keep you all posted!

In other news, pinterest is about to become a real problem in my life. 


  1. Fingers crossed & prayers said for your offer! Maybe SS can pull the heart strings of the owners with your young expectant family so interested. ;-)

  2. Pinterest has always been a real problem for me.... and I added your house hunt to my prayers for a while now, I think you have a good chance ;-)