Saturday, January 18, 2014

What I know about the goings on at preschool

I mentioned in Lily's post the other day that she seems really happy at her new preschool. I also mentioned that some days she tells me more than others. I thought it might be funny to read later on down the road all of the things that I "know" about preschool. How much if any, of the following details are true...the world may never know.

Every day she sits in the same seat at the table. The other kids also sit in their same seats.

Mrs. W has a loud voice and loves to sing.

Some days the crafts involve glue, I always hear about the craft on "glue days"

There are two little girls, June and Rose, whose clothes are almost always worthy of mentioning. (It makes me smile to think of Lily, Rose, and June all playing together, in a garden of course)  *Also I promise I am working on vanity and choosing friends for their qualities and not their appearance but girl has an eye for fashion.*

There is a song for picking up that goes, "This is the way we pick up our toys, pick up our toys,..." Lily was thrilled that I knew the tune until we got to the last verse and I didn't sing the correct words. I was asked not to sing school songs anymore because, "mommy you just don't know."

Snack is always crackers, either round (ritz?) or square (saltines?) with water AND juice.

There is a time of day called "ticket time" during which the kids are allowed to choose a ticket which corresponds to a designated play area of the classroom. Lily always chooses a "red circle" ticket which apparently grants her access to the ponies and the the play castle. Except on days when she chooses "pink rectangle" which is baby dolls and the play kitchen. The later area is called "housekeeping".

Lily always hangs her jacket on the "L" hook, she thinks it is hers, it definitely is not.

Some days she gets to bring "Heartly" on these glorious show and tell days, she puts him on the shelf. Yes, she always brings the same thing.

There is a girl named Addison and a boy named Colin. (we are pretty sure that last one is not true)

The church bells ringing at the end of school (noon) is often the highlight of her day.

She has a journal.

They read "Polar Bear Polar Bear what to you hear?" and now she uses the word hibernating.

At cleanup time she chooses "wash the tables" with Mrs. H.

That's it. That's everything I know about preschool.

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