Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Admittedly this one is from a few months ago but every time it comes to mind I chuckle.

I was sitting on the couch in the sunroom talking about cars with Ben when Lily stumbled in with an arm full of stuffed animals.

Lily: "Mommy, can you babysit my kids for me?"

Me: "Sure honey, where are you off to?"

Lily: "I need to go for a run."

Me: "I'm proud of you for going for a run, sure I can watch your kids." I added, "Don't forget to put on your running sneakers!"

Lily: "Can I use your phone to listen to music?"

Me: "Sure, it is on the table by the door."

She seemed pretty pleased with my answer and that I was so fully going along with her game. So I continued to sit on the couch, bursting with pride that my daughter (who was clearly playing out a scene that she had witnessed between me and her daddy) was confident, independent, and taking care of her body. Clearly I must be doing something right!

Seconds later she called to me from the other room:

"When I get back...you can get me a beer!"


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  1. Mother of the year indeed! Sthere will never be a question as to whose daughter she is. And, promoting a positive self image is totally M.O.T.Y. material, real women drink beer.