Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Looking for a good laugh.

The title is a statement, not a question.

I apologize if you excitedly clicked the link expecting to get a laugh at my expense, so friends, not today. But there's always tomorrow, keep the faith.

Today it is me looking for a laugh. I took the kids to the local library last week stupidly thinking that I would get five minutes to myself to seek out a few new reads while the kids scaled the stacks in the kids section. Sadly, Ben is only interested in death defying antics if I am watching. Lily would have been more content to play by herself except that my children have made a pact which clearly states that if one child is content and the other is not than the default state of both children shall be one of discontent. Long story short, we spent 51 minutes in the library and I did not even locate the adult fiction section. I did however complete three rather complex puzzles, well they probably would have been easier had Ben not mixed all of the pieces together into one big pile. This is also a good time to mention that I love Maine. The library in my hometown issued me a library card with a forwarded utility bill (with Matt's name on it) and a packing slip from Khols as proof of address. Amazing.

So here we are at the point, I would like reading suggestions. I am sure that I could perform some impersonal Google search or something to obtain this information but then really what is the point of having friends anymore?! I have really enjoyed being a daily blogger thus far and I do have a bunch more post lined up (ie unfinished drafts) but I have learned that it is hard for me to write during the day when there is a lot of activity in the house. That being the case, I need something to do during the day that will make me happy and isn't totally mindless. The kids have a lot of playmates these days which is great, except when I am bored because another human in interacting with my children. I recently scanned my 101 things list and overall I am in good shape, but "Read 20 Books", dude...I'm not even close. It is a shame because I do like to read but I have always had a hard time choosing books. Is it just me or librarians sort of scary? I don't know what it is but I hate having to ask the librarians for the bathroom key as Lily dances nervously around my knees, let alone book suggestions!

I don't have any favorite authors and I haven't read more than 5 books that weren't printed on cardboard since 2010. My only real criteria is that I do not like to be scared. I have a vivid enough imagination on my own, I do not need further reasons to sleep with the lights on. Preferably I would like to read books that will make me laugh, because laughing is fun and did I mention, being scared is not.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments section, or if you would prefer you can email me at


  1. Bossypants (if you haven't already read it). I'm a stranger here myself and Dr. Tatiana's sex advice to all creation are both funny and have short sections that make them easy to put down if a child suddenly needs something.

  2. Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson - laugh out loud funny!