Friday, January 17, 2014

Odds and Ends

I have a lot of random nonsense rolling around in my head these days. I figure an odds and ends post is a good way to clear up some space in my brain...for more nonsense I suppose.

First, have you seen Peg Plus Cat on PBS? If not then you are missing out. I will admit that I prefer Disney Jr. for entertainment value but also acknowledge that PBS has more purely education programming. Problem is, there are a bunch of shows on PBS that I just can't sit through, Caillou being the absolute worst. Anyway Peg Plus Cat is the cutest show I have ever seen. I am sure that in part I love Peg because she wears a wool hat like another small person I know. The show teaches math, the dialogue is hilarious, and the little songs are so stinking cute. Seriously, I am a little ashamed to admit that I am more inclined to let Lily have "just one more show" if she agrees to Peg. Go watch, you will not be disappointed.

Speaking of TV, Dingle and I are SO far behind on every show we watch. Between Matt being gone two nights a week and sharing the living room TV with his parents we just haven't watched much TV since moving out of our house. Matt works for a software company that allows its users to earn credits by watching advertisements and then redeem the credits for TV shows or Amazon content. They are still in their Beta (early stages) but if you would like to check it out go to Anyway, we are lucky that we have access to most of the shows we would like to watch but I have no idea when we will get around to watching. In the mean time I have to be careful about what I read on the internet or social media...there are too many spoilers lurking out there!

I need to find a way to work out again. I hate the idea of going to and paying for a gym just to walk/jog on a treadmill. In fact treadmills and pregnant bellies actually make me very nervous. But it has been such a bitterly cold winter and I don't feel particularly safe running on roads that are not in great condition. But I have to do something. I am going crazy. I don't get much time to myself if any to do a workout DVD but I guess I would be open to trying something like that. I am freaking out partially because I was in such great shape and I hate the idea of starting from zero.  Being pregnant most of the summer will not afford a whole lot of running and I am worried about losing the baby weight in the fall, and I feel like I have already gained 10 lbs with this pregnancy. Stressing about it is accomplishing nothing, gotta start tomorrow. Suggestions welcome.

Lily used the word "Behold!" in context today, it was hilarious. No idea where she picked it up.

We are going to see our dream house tomorrow. It is so beautiful I almost can't stand it. It is huge and has amazing lofted ceilings with cedar paneling. I could look at the pictures all day. I will be crushed if we get there and there is something tragically wrong with the place. I really do think this house is our destiny. First, about four years ago we dropped off a horse bridal for a teacher friend that I knew in MA at a little house in our hometown. He had sold it to this guy in ME and when my friend told me where the place was we offered to deliver it since it wasn't that far out of the way and we were headed to Matt's parents for the weekend. We were driving down this crazy little dirt road stalking the dream house a few weeks ago and I said to Matt, "we have been here before"...then it hit me, anyone want to guess who lives next door to the dream house!? Horse guy. Secondly we saw the listing for the dream house back in July when our home was first listed, we were sure it would sell before we got a chance to take a look. Turns out the sellers took it off the market around the same time we did in September...and then relisted three days ago. I am so excited to go see it I may not sleep tonight.

Ben had a 24 hour stomach bug that began at about 8am yesterday morning and has pretty much run its course. Luckily this particular bug was of the nasty diaper variety and not the upchuck all over the crib sort that I am used to with LV. Unfortunately for Ben, dude hates to have his diaper changed. Acts as though he is being tortured, every single time. After the third middle of the night dirty diaper he looked at me through huge alligator tears and said, "mama, please." I think he was begging me to make it stop. Poor baby. I rocked him in the rocking chair much like I did every night when he was a baby and to my total surprise he actually fell asleep. Kids are awful sweet when they are sick aren't they? He seemed to be feeling much better today and with no less than an inch of butt cream over his entire bum I am hoping he sleeps more soundly tonight.

I am starving, all day. I do not like it one bit.

On that note I estimated that I have cleared up about 1% of my brain space which can now be occupied by some adorable ditty from Peg Plus Cat.

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