Sunday, January 5, 2014

Picture exclusive!

So there are far fewer pictures than I was hoping. I guess in the midst of moving and packing I didn't bust out the real camera as often as I thought. In any case, I am 99% sure that I am the only person who has seen any of these pictures so without further ado... 

Fearlessly riding the flying rockets at York Wild Animal Kingdom
One of countless excellent family portraits we took this year! 
I just love the side by side pics, Ben loves his big sis for sure
Pretty fly for a white guy
Big year for Red Sox fans, even the pint size ones! 
Daddy's birthday, any reason for cupcakes is a good one! 
Private hayride courtesy of their Great Grampy, Ben's not so sure this is a good idea. 
For three weeks Ben was obsessed with apples, I swear he ate half a peck by himself...I was not a fan of the diapers.  
Great Grandparents! 
Five generations, this photo was long over due! 
Hanging with some chickens
Saying a fond farewell to #36...
...on to the next adventure! 

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  1. Great pics momma! Thanks so much for sharing. The kids are so big and beautiful. You all look so happy and I look forward to more pics of 2014!