Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Wrap Up, Hello 2012!

My blog's official birthday actually passed a couple of weeks ago with no fan fair to speak of, the irony of which will surely not be lost on those of you who know me. In a belated celebration of my blog turning one and as a way to welcome in the new year here is a list a my 10 most popular posts from the past year!

(in no particular order)

A Semi Finalist!

Food Fight!

How I feel about all of this today...

A letter to the grownup fairy

If she wants more she'll tell you

A series of unflattering pictures

Boy, OH BOY was I wrong

A story involving a cart corral, oh boy!

She does her little turn on the catwalk!

Birthday top 10

A huge thank you to everyone who reads my blog. Amazingly our little page has had over 5,000 page views in the past year! May 2012 bring you all nothing less than love and laughter. With a toddler about to turn two and a baby on the way, I am sure the laughs will keep on coming here are growingupmaine!

We have big plans for you 2012, watch out!

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